taking many 198k mp3 files and converting them to 16k mp3

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Mon Aug 28 01:56:38 UTC 2006

On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 10:38:05PM +0100, Howard Jones wrote:
> hackmiester (Hunter Fuller) wrote:
> >On 27 August 2006, at 02:49, Gary Kline wrote:
> >>--Might be nice to gather (parts of) my favorite CD's
> >>    onto one Very long-playing disk.
> >
> >That would require you to burn an audio DVD, which you couldn't read 
> >in a  normal CD drive... and I really don't know how exactly you would 
> >do it either...
> Not necessarily. Both of my current DVD players can play a DVD full of 
> MP3 files. One is a Pioneer, and the other is a more 'random' brand 
> DVD/DiVX player. The Pioneer does a better job, but both will "play" 
> data discs of MP3, WMA, JPEG and MPEG1 amongst other things.
> Another possibility would be to convert to MP2 audio and make a minimal 
> video stream to go alongside the audio - say, a black screen, and make a 
> DVD Video disk using something like transcode. I don't know what the 
> bare minimum video bitrate is for DVD, but I know you can get a good few 
> hours that way, in a format that would play on any DVD player. I've been 
> meaning to try this for ages.

	Well, if/when you *do* try, please clue me in.  --I'm too new to
	DVD's and tooo che--er, thrifty to buy a ten pack of blanks.  I'm
	not sure that I have three hours of "favorites"; probably, but no
	more.  Most of my favorite tunes are on tape--pre-recorded and
	hi-fidelity, but the problem is turnning analogue to digital. 

	Anyway, good to know that DVD's can "play"  datafiles!


> Howie

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