taking many 198k mp3 files and converting them to 16k mp3

hackmiester (Hunter Fuller) hackmiester at hackmiester.com
Sun Aug 27 21:41:52 UTC 2006

On 27 August 2006, at 16:26, Gary Kline wrote:

> 	I have a DVD burner in my newest server; my thinking is that
> 	I would burn some N *.mp3 files onto a DVD, then play it back.

On what?

> 	The questions are whether I would have to create a filesystem,
> 	or if the DVD format would  allow/see the *.mp3's audio or
> 	data.  Or what!

What DVD format? There is no DVD format. You can put files on one  
however you want. However, if you want a DVD player to read it, it  
has to be an ISO file system and files have to be in a certain place.  
This setup doesn't support mp3s directly, but you might want to look  
in to the "dvd audio" standard, and I'm not sure if there is a port  
for buring that, or not...

What I'm trying to say, is if you are just gonna play them back on  
your computer, it doesn't matter where you put them, you can use  
standard tools like mkisofs, etc..

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