PHP5 and MySQL

Muhammad Omer Iqbal omer at
Sun Aug 27 17:01:58 UTC 2006

Thank you for the help!

It seems strange to have to install it again especially when I installed
php5-extensions with mysql and mysqli extensions.

When I tried to make, it tries to fetches MySQL 4.1 whereas I have 5.0
installed. How can I update the version?

I have updated Makefile.ext in PHP5 directory with DEFAULT_MYSQL_VER=50, but
to no avail.

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>Muhammad Omer Iqbal wrote:

>> Looking through phpinfo, I do not find mysql or mysqli installed, 
>> even though I have enabled, remade and reinstalled both MySQL and 
>> PHP5. In fact, I think that my PHP5 is no longer remade, it just 
>> reconfigures it and reinstalls it because the build date shows as Aug 
>> 22 even though I did it today and my server date shows as Aug 27. I 
>> installed both of these using the ports collection, but then I had to 
>> manually download MySQL because of versioning issues, and untar and 
>> install it

The PHP5 port has been divided into a fairly large number of modules.  To
add MySQL support within PHP5, simply install the databases/php5-mysql port.
(Or php5-mysqli, but only if you're running mysql-4.1.x)

Note that php5-mysql will cause one of the mysql-client ports to be
installed as a dependency -- unless you install one of the other versions
before hand, that will get you the mysql 5.0.x client.  You will still need
to install one of the mysql server ports, unless your DB is physically
hosted on a different machine.

Oh -- and the other trap for newbies is that you need to 'make config'
in the lang/php5 port and make sure the 'Apache' box is checked before
you'll get the Apache PHP5 module built and installed.



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