ipfilter on 6.1

J.D. Bronson jbronson at wixb.com
Sat Aug 26 20:32:28 UTC 2006

I got a full load of 6.1p4 installed and all built. I have pppoe and 
ipfilter running almost perfect.

Clients can use the machine (as a router) and get out perfectly!
No issues with network performance at all. I am very pleased...until...

I found out that the router itself cant get out 100%.

My ipconfig is basically this:

bge0 -
alias - for bind9 views
alias - for bind9 views

bge1 - connected to dsl modem

well I cant even telnet from the machine to itself!
'destination unreachable'

DNS requests from the server itself (to itself - it runs bind) are 
unanswered yet it is able to fully answer requests from internal or 
external clients...just not itself!

If I use a public DNS server -or- use the IP of the machine I want to 
connect up to, the router is able to get out and uses the correct IP.

I used the same configs from solaris on here (ipf.conf and ipnat.conf)
and only needed to change sppp0 to tun0.

this should take care of anything the machine itself needs:

# Pass LAN traffic to/from bge0
pass in quick on bge0 all keep state keep frags
pass out quick on bge0 all keep state keep frags

# Pass traffic to WAN and keep state
pass out quick on tun0 proto tcp all flags S keep state keep frags
pass out quick on tun0 proto udp all keep state keep frags
pass out quick on tun0 proto icmp all keep state keep frags


I am totally baffled. Its like I am being blocked somehow but even 
with ipfilter WIDE open - traffic still wont pass.

I am wondering if this is some quirk with the interface 
aliases...although running the basic same setup on solaris - it works 


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