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Shane Ambler Shane at 007Marketing.com
Fri Aug 25 12:19:58 UTC 2006

The hardware requirements for the web server can be quite low, you can run a
pretty busy website from on old PIII.

Some more info would be needed to predict the sort of needs you may expect
for your database. Will it be a forum (such as phpBB) or a banner exchange?

Is this to replace an existing server (with a known amount of traffic) or a
new setup for a new site?
What size database do you expect? (you may have 2-5K per record and
anticipate 100 records a day or you may have 2GB of data that you want to

Is reliable (RAID) storage a necessity? Or will you have automated backups
to another machine that would be sufficient to restore when needed?

Is this an internal database for 10 users or a busy website that you hope to
have 1000 users accessing at the same time?

Some indication of the amount of data that would be read/written to the
database and how many users will access it can help give an idea of  what
would be needed to keep up with the traffic.

A good plan is to have some idea of a budget and necessary components (such
as raid) and go with the fastest CPU you can get with what's left.
You may have something faster than you need now but will be adequate in 3
months time.

On 25/8/2006 17:00, "VeeJay" <maanjee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello
> What are the Hardware recomendation for a dedicated FreeBSD Web/Database
> Server with Data Security?
> What is the flow of Setup/ or major steps to setup?


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