phones with USB and TAPI

Matthias Apitz m.apitz at
Fri Aug 25 12:14:08 UTC 2006


When I am in my office I have next to my laptop a phone device
of German Telekom, type T-Octophon. This comes with an USB
connector and some TAPI software to integrate it in the Windows
crap. Plugging it in into my 6.0-REL it says:

Aug 25 14:00:12 rebelion kernel: ugen1: Deutsche Telekom AG T-Octophon F, rev 2.00/1.09, addr 2

and a usbdevs shows the device as:

 port 1 addr 2: full speed, self powered, config 1, T-Octophon F(0x001f), Deutsche Telekom AG(0x0681), rev 1.09

Of course it gets attached to 'ugen' because there is no driver
claiming the device. Does anyone know of support for this in
FreeBSD? It would be nice to dial directly from the command line
or even from the browser where you see some number to call.


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