Status of bigdisk support?

Francisco Reyes lists at
Fri Aug 25 04:16:35 UTC 2006

Is the page up to date with regards 
to bigdisk support in FreeBSD?
That page mentions issues with filesystems over 1TB, but I have several 
machines with 5.X and 6.X that can see and work fine with 1TB+ filesystems.

Currently going to setup soon a machine with 2TB+ of storage and wanting to 
find out what limitations exist.

Any problems with fsck with 2TB+

This will be a database machine so the number of inodes will be few and will 
likely do newfs -i 256MB (with the proper syntax to represent 256MB).
Any benefits to even go to 512MB?

The database in question will be postgresql and it creates files up to 2GB 
in size. So with 2TB will have at most a handfull of thousands of files. 

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