Code beautifiers, anyone?

Matti J. Karki mjk at
Fri Aug 25 04:01:46 UTC 2006

On 8/25/06, David Kelly <dkelly at> wrote:
> On Aug 24, 2006, at 5:00 PM, Matti J. Karki wrote:
> > On 8/24/06, Kyrre Nygård <kyrreny at> wrote:
> >>
> >> Perhaps you could share with us whatever scripts you've written?
> >>
> >
> > Totally forgot to include the actual intendation script.
> I'm just a bit confused about the fascination with scripts for cleaning
> up code. Is it the desire to clean up more than just C?

Yes. I know, that this is reinventing the wheel. Also, home-made
scripts tend to be less reliable compared to dedicated tools. But I
have to deal with C, C++, Java, Visual Basic and XML files and also
some pretty obscure internal data files. With my own scripts I have
total control over the style. I use scripting quite a lot to help me
with my work and in addition to readability or style, I also use
scripts for generating documentation and even to generate pieces of
the final files from other data sources.

So, in my case, I just have found out that instead of using bunch of
ready-made tools and spending time tweaking the settings and learning
to run them, I reach my goal faster and with desired results by doing
things myself.


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