Which version of Flash to use

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Fri Aug 25 02:56:51 UTC 2006

On Thursday 24 August 2006 14:29, Gerard Seibert wrote:
> FreeBSD 6.1 STABLE
> Using 'Firefox,1' is there any version of flash that I can
> install that will work with it. I cannot seem to get anyone  of them to
> work with it when running from with KDE. It makes it rather difficult to
> watch any video's on Google or the other streaming video services.

Flash + native Firefox will mostly work with linuxpluginwrapper if you apply 
the rtld patch to your system and have the correct settings 
in /etc/libmap.conf. The details on how to do that have been well 
documented on this list and elsewhere (at least once by yours truly).

However, Google video is one of a number of notable sites that do NOT work 
with the above. For these, the best approach seems to be to use 
Linux-firefox (with the linux flash plugin, of course).


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