BSDstats Project: A quick reminder ...

Marc G. Fournier freebsd at
Fri Aug 25 02:00:32 UTC 2006

Just a quick reminder to all those that have installed 
/usr/ports/sysutils/bsdstats ... pre-v3.0 clients no longer work, due to 
the changes that were made to the database ... please upgrade, and run, 
the new version available in ports ...

Also, as another reminder, the first run of the script after upgrading 
will take ~15 minutes to run ... there is a 15 min sleep in the script 
that is enforced at the server end ...

Right now, we are at ~40% of the hosts that we were before v3.0, and I'm 
still seeing database hits on the *old* database, indicating that ppl are 
still running the old client :(

BTW, for those that haven't looked recently at ... 
the US is, of course, leading the pack with ~20% of the installed FreeBSD 
servers (a whole 129 servers) ... Germany following a close second with 
~15% ...

And, Canada (my country) is woefully in 5th place with 4% ... come on 
folks, we need to get all of the numbers up ...

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