new 6.1 install will not boot

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Aug 24 00:33:50 UTC 2006

You pretty much followed what I had wrote before that when I had a similar 
problem, I booted the install disk, but exited sysinstall to a shell 
prompt.  I then mounted the root partition, then manually copied over the 
kernel from the install CD to the root partition.

That does copy over the GENERIC kernel which usually works but you may want 
to customize.  Once I rebooted the system I cvsup'd, made and installed the 
world and a custom kernel.

Remaking world will likely fix the problems you are having.


At 07:22 PM 8/23/2006, Perry Hutchison wrote:
> > > After a CD boot, is there a reasonably simple way to have
> > > sysinstall reinstall just the kernel -- or the package
> > > containing it -- without starting completely over?
> >
> > Yeah, see what Derek wrote. Never done that, myself, or even
> > heard of the kernel not getting installed.
>What Derek wrote?  I haven't gotten that.
>What I did (for the archives):
>   Make note of root partition.  One way to find it is (at
>     the OK prompt after the boot failure) "more /etc/fstab"
>   Boot CD
>   Get into Fixit mode
>   Mount root partition on /mnt
>   mkdir /mnt/boot/kernel
>   cp /dist/boot/kernel/kernel /mnt/boot/kernel
>Granted that's the install kernel, which may not be all that
>great for general use, but it works well enough to get back to the
>X-config trouble I was having before the disk died (which is likely
>to become a new thread here -- xorgcfg is producing a blizzard of
>unresolved symbol messages when trying to load drivers; the mouse
>doesn't work; the keypad-based mouse emulator works after a fashion
>but I can't figure how to tell it "ok, done"; ...).
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