new 6.1 install will not boot

Greg Barniskis gregb at
Wed Aug 23 19:00:02 UTC 2006

Perry Hutchison wrote:
>> Well, you're at least as far as having the disk sliced up in a 
>> workable way, or the bootstrap wouldn't start at all. This jumps
>> out as not only being bad, but happening right before meltdown.
>>> acpi: bad RSDP checksum (210)
> I suspect it's a red herring, since I was getting that message at
> that point when everything was working (with the 10GB drive).

That could be. I thought it might be a symptom of the BIOS version 
being the root of the problem, and of course once that's foo all 
bets are off.

> After a CD boot, is there a reasonably simple way to have sysinstall
> reinstall just the kernel -- or the package containing it -- without
> starting completely over?

Yeah, see what Derek wrote. Never done that, myself, or even heard 
of the kernel not getting installed.

> The BIOS version is A08.  Dunno if it is the latest, but I do have
> ACPI turned off in the BIOS.  I guess it is arguably a BIOS bug for
> an RSDP to exist when ACPI is disabled, and/or a FreeBSD bug to be
> complaining about ACPI when it is disabled.

"Whose bug?" is often largely a matter of semantics when two pieces 
of software fight. It's likely that for historical hardware, only 
FreeBSD developers could fix the conflict at this point, but that 
seems unlikely unless (after you get things otherwise working) 
you're willing to do extensive trial and error, debugging 
operations, etc.

You're probably right about it being a red herring for your 
immediate boot problem, but ACPI issues do cause all kinds of 
trouble, so keep an eye on it.

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