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Ralph Ellis ralphellis1 at
Wed Aug 23 11:20:31 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 23 August 2006 12:37 am, E. Gad wrote:
> Hello
>  First I was directed to post the  here because I  posted to the stable
> mailing list before re-reading what it's purpose is- I apologise-.
>  I am playing with freebsd 6 on a testing box.  I Upgraded l from 6.0 to
> 6.1 because it looked like popular opinion is that it's got a number of
> improvements After a few false starts and finally figuring what I did wrong
>  it went basicly ok.
>  I went to use sysinstall  to install a few usefull looking items however I
> got a error message: "Release 6.1-p3 not found on server"
>  What is puzling is if I do essentially the samething: run pkg_add -f from
> the command line I seem to get some of the  packages I wanted-to install.
> Is this normal? or did I do something wrong? I am not entirely sure how fix
> this and any assistance is apreciated.
>  (The free-bsd etiquite   note statements says I should mention what I have
> done so far)
>  I have started by using google to see if anyone else has this problem. I
> haven't found the problem on bulitin boards or the like (not yet
> anyway-i'll look again in the morning)
>  -thanks
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Go to the the Options menu in sysinstall and change the entry for 
FreeBSD tries to exactly match what you have as a system and the p3 means 
patch level #3, 
You will have to do this each time you try to use sysinstall to add binaries. 
You can also use the ports system which is more up to date typically than the 
binaries. However, installing via the ports means compiling from source which 
works but takes time. 
One port that you may want to install is:
go to it and type
make clean
make install
make clean
This is a system to help you find programs and install them from source or 
binaries. It allows you to have the most up to date programs available.
Checkout for their version of BSD or if you want a 
distribution that is very user friendly try Both are 
excellent. DesktopBSD is based on FreeBSD 5.5 while PCBSD is based on FreeBSD 
If you want to stick with FreeBSD, you might want to buy
FreeBSD 6 Unleashed by Brian Tiemann and Michael Urban the 2006 edition
ISBN 0-672-32875-5
It is the most complete book out there.
Have fun
Ralph Ellis

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