Installing Php5 on Apache2.2 (Freebsd 6.1)

Muhammad Omer Iqbal omer at
Tue Aug 22 05:54:59 UTC 2006

(Please include me in the reply as I am not subscribed to this list.)

I am trying to use Ports to install php5 on top of Apache 2.2. However, when

I do pkg_add, it says that the prereq Apache 1.3 is not installed. I also 
tried forcing it (using -f), but even then it did not seem to have installed

Php5 properly.

I tried this:
cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
pkg_add php5

That did not work.

Then I ftp-ed to  <> and downloaded the
tbz file from the same 
location (/ports/lang/php5) and did pkg_add with that file name as 
parameter. Is that the right thing to do?

After I did that, I got the error that I explained above (i.e. Apache 1.3 
not installed)

As you might imagine, I am pretty new to FreeBSD.


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