Installing on IBM Z61t

Derek Ragona derek at
Mon Aug 21 23:38:14 UTC 2006

I would check that you have the IDE interface enabled that the CD plugs 
into.  Have you tried booting other bootable CD's like a WinXP CD just to 
see if you get it to boot from CD.


At 05:20 PM 8/21/2006, Jerry McAllister wrote:
>Hi All,
>I am trying to set up a notebook computer for someone (I only have
>towers and rackmount servers running FreeBSD myself).
>The machine is an IBM Z61t Lenova with 2 GHz Intel CPU, 1 GB memory
>The BIOS version is 1.06  (7FET46WW)  of 2006-04-27
>I has an:  ATAPI CD0:MATSHITADVD-RAM UK-842-(PM)  cd/dvd reader/burner.
>I got a USB floppy and put it on too.
>The boot order in BIOS is currently CD, Floppy Hard disk
>I have switched floppy and CD a couple of times and removed
>a number of other thing from the boot order - mostly things
>that are not actually on the machine.
>I was able to boot Partition Magic with the USB floppy and fix up
>the hard disk to make room.   I added a FAT32 (#3) slice and an
>undesignated slice (#4).  I hoped to add FreeBSD to the undesignated
>slice and use the FAT32 for communication between WinXP and FreeBSD
>since the XP slice was NTFS.
>But, it will not boot the FreeBSD 6.1 installation CD - it completely
>ignores it and boots WinXP, even though it looks like it is enabled
>in the BIOS.   It doesn't even seem to try booting the CD and fail.
>The BIOS doesn't appear to talk to it at all.
>That CD worked fine in another (deskside) machine - a Dell, by
>the way.   I had no trouble doing an install with it on that machine.
>So, I made a set of 6.1 install floppies.
>Although the Partition Magic (several years old copy) floppies booted
>just fine, when I started to boot from the boot.flp floppy it read it
>and then started repeatedly dumping some message on the screen.  It
>just kept scrolling up too fast to read.  It looked like it might
>be 5 or 6 lines long.
>Just in case it was telling me to put in the kern1.flp, I did that
>and hit enter, but it did not stop scrolling what appeared to be
>the same message, nor did it appear to read that floppy at all.
>I have rummaged through the BIOS setup and not found anything that
>jumps out at me that I should turn on or off.   I did not find
>anything that looked like 'plug n play'.
>So, my obvious question is: (questions are:)
>Is there any hope of installing FreeBSD on this notebook computer?
>Is there something I can turn on or off to make it work?
>Why will the old Partition Magic floppy work, but the new FreeBSD 6.1 not?
>Why doesn't the BIOS even attempt to check the CD for a boot sector,
>but just ignore it completely and boot the HD?
>Thanks for any clues or solid informatino,
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