Showstopping FreeBSD 6.1 bug

Mon Aug 21 02:19:58 UTC 2006


I hate to state (or rather ask) the obvious but are you sure you selected the appropriate options to install the kernel?  One of the people were I work swore they had the exact same problem on an x86 they were installing on and it turned out that she was just forgetting to select an installation configuration that included the kernel.


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Date: Sunday, August 20, 2006 6:05 pm
Subject: Showstopping FreeBSD 6.1 bug
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> Hello all
> I need to report a serious bug in 6.1-RELEASE. On both AMD64 and x86,
> sysinstall appears to work correctly but fails to install a kernel 
> on the
> target filesystem. This has the additional effect of rendering the -
> bootonly.iso almost useless since if the error is not caught before 
> rebooting, there
> is no live filesystem to repair the damage, and the emergency shell 
> cannotfind any executables (it can, however, find executables 
> directly after
> installing the system).
> Yours
> Jeff Rollin.
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