the real player port

Sergio Lenzi enigma at
Sun Aug 20 20:27:35 UTC 2006

Em Dom, 2006-08-20 às 11:19 -0700, Matt Olander escreveu:

> Hi all,
> I met with a developer of the Real Player at Linux World. She says they 
> would *love* to port a native version of the Real player to FreeBSD. 
> Yay! She even showed me that they have an older FreeBSD dev environment 
> set up and are ready to start to try compiling it for release after we 
> get it up to date.
> We need a couple of FreeBSD experts to assist with 
> questions/expertise/feedback to make sure this gets finished ;-)
> Please send me your name/email off list and I'll reply to her with a 
> shortlist of who can help them.
> Thanks!
> -matt
> -

Hello Matt,,,

I use only FreeBSD here and I realise that to play real media I use xine
or mplayer(kmplayer)
they are faster than real player, never locks, and plays everything
encoded with real media...

Indeed, the last xine is amazing... just install it with all the
it runs all windows codecs, plus divx, dvd,vcd, cd, mp3, mp4, mpg,

Thanks for your attention....


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