accessing machine at work via vpn

Viswas Nair fysical at
Sat Aug 19 04:50:58 UTC 2006

I have 2 machines at work:
Machine 1: Windows OS running on Network 1
Machine 2: FreeBSD running on Network 2 (recently setup)

I have 1 machine at home:
Single machine with Windows XP and FreeBSD (recently installed)

Before I had BSD installed at home and office , I used to access my Windows
PC at work using the Cisco VPN client and Remote destop from windows at
But now, I want to be able to access Machines 1 & 2 at work using BSD at
home (no more Windows XP unless desperate)

I spoke to the IT admin and got a Cisco VPN client for linux. They didnt
have one for BSD. There was one for Solaris and Mac OSX though. Now I need
to setup vpn to connect to my windows box at work as well as the BSD box
that runs on the second network from my FBSD OS at home.

I have no clue how to get this done. If you can suggest any ideas, it will
be greatly appreciated.


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