error : "Missing operating system"

Peter petermatulis at
Thu Aug 17 00:47:37 UTC 2006


On a test system I have 3 SATA drives.  On the 1st drive I installed
FBSD 6.0, updated sources/ports, build and install world/kernel. 
Rebooted.  All is well.

I set up RAID0 on the other 2 drives using my (Tyan) mobo's controller
(NVRAID).  This array shows up as /dev/ar0.

I proceeded to set up a filesystem on ar0:

# fdisk -I /dev/ar0
# bsdlabel -w /dev/ar0s1
# bsdlabel -e /dev/ar0s1

e: * * 4.2BSD

# newfs /dev/ar0s1e
# mkdir /vol1
# mount /dev/ar0s1e /vol1

Everything worked fine.  df shows ar0s1e as 300 GB.

I edit /etc/fstab:

/dev/ar0s1e   /vol1   ufs   rw   2   2

I reboot:

# reboot

"Missing operating system"

Where did I go wrong and what should I do now?


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