ICH7 SATA Issues?

Kelsey Cummings kgc at corp.sonic.net
Mon Aug 14 23:29:41 UTC 2006

Running 6.1-R

I have a new dell dimension 5150 workstation with an Intel ICH7 sata
chipset onboard.  I've currently got a pair of WDC WD3000JD disks installed
running a gmirror set.  The problem is that the second disk on a fairly
regular basis drops off the bus.  I'm convinced that it's not the disks or
cables as I've swapped out the disk and cabling already.  I was able to
find a number of reports from other people suffering simmilar issues using
ICH7 controllers but no real solution.  This is starting to feel like a
driver problem.

Yeah for SATA hotswap and being able to reinit the controllers but that's
already gotten old.  (The drive will not show up with a reinit until it
has been powered off/on.)

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here?  If there is any
other information I should provide, please let me know.


ATA channel 2:
    Master:  ad4 <WDC WD3000JD-00KLB0/08.05J08> Serial ATA v1.0
    Slave:       no device present

When the second disk is present it shows up as ad5, the slave on ATA
channel 2. 

There are a couple of errors associated with the disk dropping off the bus:

ad5: timeout waiting to issue command
ad5: error issuing WRITE_DMA command
GEOM_MIRROR: Request failed (error=5). ad5[WRITE(offset=29788618240, length=16384)]
GEOM_MIRROR: Device gm0: provider ad5 disconnected.


ad5: FAILURE - device detached
subdisk5: detached
ad5: detached
GEOM_MIRROR: Device gm0: provider ad5 disconnected.
fsync: giving up on dirty
0xc536f990: tag devfs, type VCHR
    usecount 1, writecount 0, refcount 180 mountedhere 0xc5143d00
    flags ()
    v_object 0xc536939c ref 0 pages 738
     lock type devfs: EXCL (count 1) by thread 0xc93ded80 (pid 97832)
        dev mirror/gm0s1e

Boot messages:
atapci0: <Intel ICH7 UDMA100 controller> port 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6,0x170-0x177,0x376,0xffa0-0xffaf irq 16 at device 31.1 on pci0
ata0: <ATA channel 0> on atapci0
ata1: <ATA channel 1> on atapci0
atapci1: <Intel ICH7 SATA300 controller> port 0xfe00-0xfe07,0xfe10-0xfe13,0xfe20-0xfe27,0xfe30-0xfe33,0xfea0-0xfeaf irq 20 at device 31.2 on pci0
ata2: <ATA channel 0> on atapci1
ata3: <ATA channel 1> on atapci1
ad4: 286168MB <WDC WD3000JD-00KLB0 08.05J08> at ata2-master SATA150
ad5: 286168MB <WDC WD3000JD-00KLB0 08.05J08> at ata2-slave SATA150


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