CUPS - Does not function anymore

Sean M. sigma_zk at
Mon Aug 14 06:07:40 UTC 2006

The story so far:
I had cups-1.2.2 and couldn't get KDE to use it with my HP PSC 1400 and
hplip. I read somewhere that KDE was only reliable with cups 1.1, so I
downgraded CUPS to the last version before it was switched to 1.2.0.
That ended up breaking hpiod; so much for that. I had no choice but to
upgraded cups back to 1.2.2. I also replaced
/usr/local/lib/kde3/ with a symlink to

Now? Pretty much everything to do with printing is broken. If I go to
localhost:631, I get the CUPS welcome screen, but all the links load
for a long time then just stop. I used to at least print with LPD, now
that's gone:

A print error occurred. Error message received from system:

/usr/local/bin/lpr -P 'PSC_1400' '-#1' '/tmp/kde-sgm/kdeprint_zivvNqlK'
: execution failed with message:
/usr/local/bin/lpr: Unsupported format 'application/postscript'! 

I could also print with CUPS out of non-KDE apps like Firefox. Now they
just do nothing.

The printer is connected fine, because I can get its status and scan
with it from hp-setup. It pretty much looks like CUPS is screwed up,
and I can't figure out how to fix it. Could someone please help?

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