Greg Groth ggroth at
Sun Aug 13 18:29:43 UTC 2006

Martin Schweizer wrote:
> Hello Greg
> I did installed an system sendmail/Cyrus imap/sasldb2 successfully. While 
> these I run in a lot of troubles. If you're interessted I can send you my 
> stuff about it.

I ended up doing a reinstall, and got it working.  I also went with 
Dovecot this time around, and got that up and running as well. 
Everything was running well with Maildir, however I then tried to 
install spamassassin which ended up screwing something up.  Sendmail 
ended up placing everything in the mbox files in /var/mail, instead of 
~/Maildir.  Not sure what happened, but I could not fix it.  I ended up 
going back to Postfix, and that is at least delivering to ~/Maildir. 
SASL is working as it should though.  Just have to get spamassassin and 
luser_relay working now.

Greg Groth

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