OT: new documents notification and approval

Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at netfence.it
Sat Aug 12 16:26:54 UTC 2006


I apologize for the OT, but I really wouldn't know where to ask and, 
afterall, server side will be FreeBSD.

A customer of mine has the need to notify all users when a certain type 
of new document is written and ask them to sign they have read it.
Right now everything is on plain old paper, with someone running after 
everyone personally, but obviously they'd like to move to the electronic 

Right now the best (but surely not the only one) solution I've thought 
of is be the following:
_ that same person can write to a SMB share on my server and will put 
new documents there;
_ some program in NETLOGON.CMD will check for new entries, pop up a 
window with the link and the "Accept" button; acceptance means something 
will be written somewhere (possibly on that same share or another, or 
connecting to a web script);
_ some PHP web page will collect the result and display who has accepted 
and who must be sollicited.

I think this should be neither hard nor long for me to implement, but 
before I start, I just thought I would ask if someone knows of some 
ready to deploy solution.
N.B. It does not necessarily need to work the way I described, so long 
as the end results are the same.

  bye & Thanks

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