Thin terminals for FreeBSD

Chris Shenton chris at
Wed Aug 9 15:36:27 UTC 2006

"Ansar Mohammed" <ansarm at> writes:

> the EPIA's look nice but cost too much.
> For comparable performance you can retrofit an old netier XL2000 on ebay
> with a laptop hard drive.
> They are small, fanless and come with an AMD 400-450 Mhz proc.
> They usually go for about 10$ on ebay. You need to get an internal laptop
> IDE cable and a laptopn hard drive...
> they also support netboot! So yo dont really need the hard drive,

Sure, agreed. The EPIA's just what I needed for the space I had at the
time.  I was just pointing out that diskless boxes, net booting, and
NFS mounted apps are a big win.

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