Is it possible to make a big floppy image to boot the freebsd

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Aug 9 14:34:25 UTC 2006

> Hi,
> I am want to make a floppy image for booting freebsd installer to install by
> network. So I can use 3COM DynamicAccess boot services to make a pxeboot
> menu to boot this image. By using DynamicAccess, I can make a pxeboot menu
> for many boot environment, such as WinPE, Dos, etc.
> Is it possible to make a floppy image with full FreeBSD installer
> environment? From 6.1-RELEASE ISO, I found there are 3 images, boot.flp,
> kernelX.flp, it can't be used for me.

Well, that is essentially the way the CD installer is done.
I made one of our variation of FreeBSD a few years back when it
was only two floppies - had just gone up from 1 to 2.   It would
take me a while to remember what I had to do, but pretty much
everything I did was right out of documentation with maybe a little
research on some other online publication sites (OnLamp, etc).

So, study a little and good luck,


> Thanks.
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