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Tue Aug 8 20:40:38 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 13:04, Daniel Bye wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 05:48:26PM -0700, gahn wrote:
> > hi:
> >
> > how could i fix the default boot option in dual-boot
> > mode?
> >
> > i have a machine with both windows xp and freebsd 6.1.
> > it works fine with freebsd boot manager (wiht optios
> > of f1 for xp and f2 for freebsd when it starts). but i
> > would like to fix the default mode for freebsd; ie, if
> > i don't make a choice on either f1 or f2 keys, then
> > system automatically boots up as freebsd machine.
> AFAIK, the FreeBSD loader sets the boot flag on the selected partition,
> so that becomes the default at next boot.  I don't think it can do what
> you want.  However, you might try grub or any of the other boot managers
> in the ports, or simply use the WinXP loader.  It's easy enough to set
> up.
> If both WinXP and FreeBSD are installed on the same disk, copy
> /boot/boot1 to, say, C:\BOOTSECT.BSD.  If they're on different devices,
> then you'll need to copy /boot/boot0 instead, BUT DON'T GET THIS WRONG!
> Then change the "default" line to read
> default=C:\BOOTSECT.BSD
> and add this to the [operating systems] section:
> And you're set.

Gibbering nit alert! You're not set at all...

Sorry - you need to make those two changes in the C:\BOOT.INI file.  And you 
will also need to restore your MBR.  The state I'm in, I won't offer any 
advice on doing that - I'm sure to guide you wrong!

Dan, just waking up...

Daniel Bye
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