Cheap terminals for FreeBSD

Sergio Lenzi lenzi at
Tue Aug 8 16:26:39 UTC 2006

Em Ter, 2006-08-08 às 00:18 +0200, Nagy László Zsolt escreveu:

Here I have several units running FreeBSD 6.1 with diskless
using a big server and several clients (20-30) thin clients...

it is very fast..  (the openoffice starts in 5 seconds...)...

I recomend:

1) server AMD64 socket 939 with 2Gb of memory, network adapter Gigabit
    200Gb hd,  gnome 2.14 or 2.15 installed packages: gnome2,
gnome2-fifht-toe, gnome2-power-tools,
    linux-flashplugin7, java jdk1.4, mplayer-plugin, xine.azureus,

2) thin clients:  any machine with 64Mb of memory 100mbits ethernet,
sound, usb. 
    video of 1024x768 16 bits...  

3) switch with a gigabit port....  any (planet, encore...)   I do not
see any difference from a 3com...

4) FreeBSD 6.1 on the server with a kernel prepared to boot on PXE.
(see the manual...)

it is cheap (here the server is about 600 dollars for 40 clients ->
about 15$ for client...
I bought the peaces and mount it... asus MB... sata....
there is no mouse/keyboard/monitor on the server... and is incredible
the main trick is to index the icons for the gnome-desktop on server
startup... it works
great using epiphany, gimp, evolution, ekiga(runnin on the client...),
gaim, openoffice, azureus...
about 640 packages installed..  the server runs about 1200 tasks, with
idle of 80-90 %.

Now I am considering using thin clients from

for you to have an idea check a "desktop screenshot"  at:
this is the result of a screenshot in the thin-client...   The language
used is  portuguese, but you
can have an idea of...


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