Thin terminals for FreeBSD

Olivier Nicole on at
Tue Aug 8 02:14:45 UTC 2006

> - Is there a more cost-effective solution? (Something that I did not 
> think of)

We used to build (well my colleague did that) X terminals based on a
thin configuration of freeBSD (must have been version 2 at that time)
that we ran on diskless computers booting from floppy. At that time we
ran it on pentium 100 MHz, with something between 16 and 32 MB RAM,
over a 10 MB shared Ethernet.

All applications ran on the cental server, and X terminals were just
that: display devices.

It was a bit slow, you could not look at a video, but otherwise it

Of course you need more horse power on the server, but if you have a
set of old PC with similar video adapters, that's an easy solution to
deploy once one machine is up.


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