so for kicks, i just ...

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Mon Aug 7 15:50:48 UTC 2006

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> On Monday 07 August 2006 02:57, Jonathan Horne
> wrote:
> > i just decided to take a box, and installworld,
> without going to single
> > user mode.  from what i can see, the update was
> completely successful.  of
> > course, other then myself (su'd to root), there
> were no other users logged
> > in).
> >
> > i wonder how many people are brave enough, and do
> actually installworld
> > without changing to single user mode?  i wonder
> what is truly at risk from
> > not going to single mode?
> I always do that on point releases. but given the
> infrequency of releases it 
> doesn't seem worth saving any effort there. 
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I used to do it on every install and only had issue
once, which was more and issue with mergemaster and
going line by line and not knowing to answer l and
r... with the merge option, something another
installworld fixed for me... But like yourself I never
have anybody but myself logged in. I got some old
serial multiplexors with a 10-base2 ethernet
connection for a serial console. for when I need to
actually worry about real users.

Has anybody had SERIOUS problems installingworld with
load on the system? It just seems like a potentially
bad idea, and have since started going to single user
for my updates nowadays.


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