GVINUM Configuration file Quickie -- Swap and Var on Raid-0 striped

backyard backyard1454-bsd at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 13:39:05 UTC 2006

sorry if you get this twice I forgot which address was
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I have a simple quick little question for somemore
more familiar with gvinum then myself. I've read
through examples and what not and have come up with
the following config file. I basically want 3g of swap
space on a striped RAID-0 for swap space, tmp will use
some of the swap space through an md device. Var will
get the remaining space for its thing. 

I have set the stripe size for swap at 4096 to match
the block size of swap memory and mazimize output
across devices. I've set the stripe size of var at 64k
so it can handle small logs and what not. I don't know
if those values are the optimal though. I selected the
subdisk size for my swap partition and left as 0 for
var, as my reading suggests this should take whatever
is left.

# gvinum.conf.RAW
drive foo device /dev/da0s1a 
drive bar device /dev/da1s1a
volume mem
	plex org striped 4096
		sd length 1534m drive foo
		sd length 1534m drive bar
volume variable
	plex org striped 64k
		sd length 0 drive foo
		sd length 0 drive bar
# EOF gvinum.conf.RAW

after creating the partitions I need with:

fdisk -I /dev/da0; fdisk -I /dev/da1
bsdlabel -we /dev/da0s1; bsdlabel -we /dev/da1s1

I should be able to
gvinum -f gvinum.conf.RAW

to make the volumes I want correct?

also I know the fdisk command uses the whole drive but
does that command switch dangerouly dedicate the
drives? these drives will not be used for booting so I
don't care about anything but capacity and output

I can handle the rest of the configuration but I want
the raid building experience to be relatively



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