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User Freebsd wrote:
> John pointed out a bug that I hadn't noticed, mainly because I was
> testing single host ... basically, I installed PHP5 on the backend, and
> stupidly didn't check to make sure that they *hadn't* gone and changed
> all of the DB access functions from 4.x :(
> The bug is fixed, and I've tested using three different servers to make
> sure its being updated properly ...
> For those that have submitted already once, please re-submit, since your
> data was added the first time through ...
> And, there is now a port "/usr/ports/sysutils/bsdstats" that will
> install it in /usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly, thanks to John there too
> ... no changes to the script itself have been made yet, just a fix on
> the backend ...
> Will work on adding pciconf support in next ...
> On Sat, 5 Aug 2006, User Freebsd wrote:
>> On Sat, 5 Aug 2006, John Nielsen wrote:
>>> Here is a sample (working) port. Un-tar the archive under
>>> ports/sysutils. It installs the script to
>>> ${LOCALBASE}/etc/periodic/monthly and prints a message about how to
>>> enable it. Have a look at it, edit all the text entries to make them
>>> your own (in particular I didn't do a real pkg-descr), and submit it
>>> as a PR (I can assist you with that off-list if you'd like).
>> Perfect, thanks ... I have commit access to ports, so I can commit it
>> later over the weekend ...
>>> Feature request: the script should output one line of text indicating
>>> success or failure (and to remind people who read their periodic
>>> e-mails that it's actually running).
>> I am personally terrible at 'human friendly features', especially when
>> it comes to text ... its why most web pages I design seem
>> ultra-utilitarian unless I talk someone into writing things nicely ...
>> IMHO, this whole thing isn't meant for my edification, but to provide
>> *us*, as a project, with some overall numbers to advocate/market
>> ourselves better ... *please* feel free to submit any patches to the
>> script that you (or anyone else) feels needs to be added to improve
>> things ...
>> The more ppl involved, the more successful the endeavor will be ...
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	I know I may be overachieving a bit in my overall thoughts of this
plan, but why not do something similar for the rest of the BSDs and/or
Linux/Solaris? I find this a good statistical tool for determining how
many desktops run what form of Unix, so better numbers could be derived
for overall Unix driver support.
	Just a thought..
- -Garrett
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