Looking for an emulator (was Re: Fwd: failure notice)

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Sat Aug 5 23:30:44 UTC 2006

Bill Moran wrote:
> Australian National University wrote:
>> To whom it may concern,
>> We here at Australian National University are wondering if there are any
>> recommended (or any whatseover) simulators or emulators (software) 
>> that run
>> on Windows X86/i386 Intel hardwre in native true standard 32-bit mode 
>> that
>> emulate and provide a fully operational and "ready to boot" system with a
>> given runtime of an emulated AMD64 PROCESSOR. Yes, that is not a typo: we
>> are looking for a 32-bit EXE that can provide an emulated 64-bit 
>> Processor
> Why on Earth would you ask such a question on a FreeBSD mailing list?  
> That makes about as much sense as a solar powered flashlight.
> Additionally, what's with the subject?
> However, Bochs does what you need, and much to my surprise, it now runs 
> on Windows as well as Unix:
> http://bochs.sourceforge.net/
> Enjoy

Doesn't QEMU do AMD64 too, or am I misinterpreting x86_64 as AMD64? 


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