SmartCard user authentication

knowtree at knowtree at
Fri Aug 4 18:37:26 UTC 2006

Is anyone working on SmartCard user authentication in conjunction with
Gnome? The company I work for wants to use SmartCards exclusively to logon
to workstations, and has pretty much done so with Windows XP. My FreeBSD
workstation is a Dell, with a SK-3106 USB keyboard with built-in SmartCard
reader. I am thinking that PAM provides the hooks, but where do I find the
middleware to read the card, request the PIN, and crosswalk a piece of data
on the card to the local username? My card is labeled Oberthur Cosmopolic.
The Oberthur web site describes an "ID One Cosmo" which looks about right.
The write-up mentions Java and standards; anybody know what those are? I'm
willing to blaze this trail myself, I just don't want to waste time
reinventing the wheel.

Gary Dunn
knowtree at

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