Adding a FreeBSD Gateway on a DSL/ ATM circuit

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My current problem is that I need to use a box as a FreeBSD 6.* 
gateway/firewall to the internet protecting  an MS box that is in the 
office for doing a lot of photo work and uploading to servers for the 
company my wife works with. I was going to use a freesco (Linux)disk 
/firewall/gateway/router like I have on my single dsl 1.5/384 line. 
(This is currently what is protecting the MS box on this circuit.)

However, the freesco setup does not work as a gateway on the leg of the 
ATM 5 IP circuit where we want to move the MS box to. I have tried to 
get it setup and have emailed the freesco lists and apparently no one 
has accomplished this.

I have now built a FreeBSD box with 2 nics to use as a 
gateway/router/firewall between the single MS box and the internet. ed1 
is on the leg of the ATM. The defaultgateway on the 
internet side of the ATM is
The LAN side of the box ed0 is to which the MS box is 
directed.  ( I am using a test box with FreeBSD 6* in place 
of the MS box at this point.)

I can ping from the gateway box nic to the internet ok. I can ping from 
the Test box to the Lan side of the gateway box OK. I cant reach the 
internet thru the gateway. I have read probably 5 howtos from the 
FreeBSD hand book and elsewhere and none are exactly what I am doing.

On FreeBSD Questions list recently there was a similar issue question 
posted but no body answered the post.

It had to do with rc.conf

Listing both Nics  ifconfig_ed0  netmask  #inet side
                                   ifconfig -ed1= netmask 
255. 255.255.0           # lan side
                               and gateway_enable="YES" which I have done.

At this point I have not attempted a firewall PF or IPFW since I cant 
reach the internet thru the gateway and I want to understand what is not 
right with this setup first.

If I use: route add -net 192.168.1 .29

I can no longer ping the Lan side of the gateway from the test box.

Can you direct me to or give me a howto on setting this up so I can 
reach the internet if indeed its possible using a gateway/firewall on 
the leg of an ATM circuit? Any help would be appreciated.


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