Weird result of portupgrade -aRr concerning pkgconfig or is it pkg-config?

RW list-freebsd-2004 at
Wed Aug 2 13:35:05 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 13:22, Bobby Knight wrote:
> Hello    Newly installed 6.1. Barely touched ports so one would expect it
> to work, yet it fails brutally for me as  a new user when I do portupgrade
> -arR just to upgrade a few packages.    I have no clue why and what to do
> so I am hoping someone here knows. Can't  see what I have done wrong. I
> have followed the available ports docs/mans slavishly.
> That is always cvsup ports and do a portsdb -Fu; portaudit -Fa before
> upgrade as  well as read UPDATING.    The info I've managed to gather is
> listed below. I don't want to retry the  installation and maybe screw up
> things more before I ask you guys. Problem  seems to be with pkg-config or
> pkgconfig....... pkgconfig puzzles me. There
> exits no port of this in the tree yet it somehow is a package now.

$ grep  pkgconfig /usr/ports/MOVED
devel/pkgconfig|devel/pkg-config|2006-05-27|Renamed to use real vendor package 

You can probably just pkg_delete pkgconfig, and fix-up the dependencies. 
Between the two you probably need to install the new version.

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