portsdb output and portaudit question

Chris Whitehouse chris at childeric.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Aug 1 19:44:43 UTC 2006

Gerard wrote:
> "jan gestre" <freebsd.ph at gmail.com>
>> it took almost 3 hours, i don't have X installed. i'm sending you the
>> portmanager.log in private coz it might clutter the thread.
> You have a warning message listed here:
> Tue Aug  1 04:38:03 2006
>  options changed so returning        php4-mbstring-4.4.2_2
>     /converters/php4-mbstring            to out of date pool
> I have never seen the "options changed so returning ..." message before.
> I am going to check an see if I can find out what it means.

It seems to be when a port presents the blue Options screen. If you 
change anything (maybe even when you don't, not sure) portmanager gives 
that message. Unless there are other problems it seems to get back round 
to updating the port later in the run.


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