Reducing the timeout on a TCP connection

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Tue Aug 1 19:13:03 UTC 2006

This is why the snmp protocol uses UDP, Bill.

You need to use something other than TCP for


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Subject: Reducing the timeout on a TCP connection

> I'm writing some monitoring scripts, and I'm having some trouble because
> the TCP seems to wait 90 seconds before giving up on initiating a
> connection.
> (The script is in PHP, testing a PostgreSQL database.  Neither PHP nor
> libpq (which PHP's PostgreSQL support is based on) seem to have any
> settings that can be used to adjust this timeout).
> If my memory of Stevens is correct, this is something that's set at the
> OS level.  It doesn't seem as if it's a configurable value, however.
> I guess I'm looking for confirmation on that point first.  If that's
> the case, then I'll have to adjust my approach based on that knowledge.
> If it can be adjusted, can it be adjusted on a per-connection basis?  I
> don't want to mess with timeouts on other sockets, _just_ this one
> monitoring script.
> And of course, the final question: how would I adjust this setting if
> it's possible?  If it's a sysctl, I'm missing it ...
> Suggestions?
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