piperd in top

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Tue Aug 1 16:41:16 UTC 2006

Good morning,

We are in the process of getting a good hammering of spam. I've been 
watching my mail gateways and they are keeping up well enough. But 
looking at top I am seeing a lot of processes with state of piperd.

Possibly I misunderstand it's meaning. I thought that was a lack of file 
descriptors? Netstat -m shows the following,

bash-2.05b# netstat -m
mbuf usage:
         GEN cache:      0/0 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #0 cache:   1075/1440 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #1 cache:   187/416 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #2 cache:   170/512 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #3 cache:   147/448 (in use/in pool)
         Total:          1579/2816 (in use/in pool)
         Mbuf cache high watermark: 512
         Maximum possible: 51200
         Allocated mbuf types:
           1064 mbufs allocated to data
           515 mbufs allocated to socket names and addresses
         5% of mbuf map consumed
mbuf cluster usage:
         GEN cache:      2/736 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #0 cache:   508/520 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #1 cache:   5/128 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #2 cache:   6/128 (in use/in pool)
         CPU #3 cache:   10/128 (in use/in pool)
         Total:          531/1640 (in use/in pool)
         Cluster cache high watermark: 128
         Maximum possible: 25600
         6% of cluster map consumed
3984 KBytes of wired memory reserved (36% in use)
0 requests for memory denied
0 requests for memory delayed
0 calls to protocol drain routines

apropos piperd shows nothing, man top gives no clues.
Is this an issue or am I worried about nothing?



Three years now I've asked Google why they don't have a
logo change for Memorial Day. Why do they choose to do logos
for other non-international holidays, but nothing for

Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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