Antivirus to scan files before going onto a Windows machine:clamav?

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Sat Apr 29 23:41:11 UTC 2006

From: "John Nielsen" <lists at>

> On Saturday 29 April 2006 09:06, Jim Stapleton wrote:
>> Anyone have experience with ClamAV? Good, Bad, Ugly?
>> Should I use something else, or is the only good alternative
>> pay/expensive (such as avast)?
>> Am I better at leaving the antivirus stuff to the Windows machine
>> (which has McAfee Enterprise)?
> I use ClamAV to scan all incoming e-mail on my mailserver with very good 
> results.  I haven't ever used it as a file-scanner but I imagine it would 
> serve adequately.
> I frequently use AVG antivirus as well.  Their "free" edition is free to 
> download and use at home on a single computer.  See 
> for more info.  The non-free versions are more reasonably priced and (IMO) 
> in some ways superior to the other Windows AV products I've used, most 
> notably in ease-of-use and staying up-to-date.

I have enabled the Earthlink AV blocker. I run SpamAssassin here with
the ClamAV plugin. Then I run F-Secure on the main machine and Norton
on the second machine. I figure defense in depth is a fairly good thing.

{^_^}   Joanne

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