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Duane Whitty duane at
Sat Apr 29 20:45:34 UTC 2006

jekillen wrote:
> On Apr 28, 2006, at 6:10 PM, Duane Whitty wrote:
>> jekillen wrote:
>>> On Apr 28, 2006, at 5:38 PM, Gerard Seibert wrote:
>>>> jekillen wrote:
>>>>> Hello:
>>>>> I have had a problem with installing MySQL 5.0.18 on a FreeBSD v 6.0
>>>>> installation
>>>>> where everything seems to compile and install correctly but the 
>>>>> server
>>>>> crashes
>>>>> immediately on start up with permission to create/write it's .pid 
>>>>> file
>>>>> denied.
>>>>> Then the screen saver daemon refuses to start in X windows with a
>>>>> permission denied
>>>>> error. It originally worked fine. But at some point recently the 
>>>>> screen
>>>>> saver quit working.
>>>>> When I went to Gnome preferences and tried to set the screen saver 
>>>>> I was
>>>>> informed that the screen saver daemon wasn't running. When I tried to
>>>>> have it
>>>>> start I was presented with the permission denied error and to 
>>>>> check the
>>>>> $path
>>>>> variable.
>>>>> I tried installing MySQL twice, each time with the same problem.
>>>>> As I understand it, permissions in Unix are part of the file system
>>>>> format.
>>>>> The only possible link between MySQL and the screen saver daemon,
>>>>> possibly, is the
>>>>> mysql user needed to run mysqld.
>>>>> Could I have a corrupted file system in such a way as to cause
>>>>> permission problems?
>>>>> thanks in advance.
>>>>> JK
>>>> Are you starting MySQL with the script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ upon
>>>> bootup?
>>>> -- 
>>>> Gerard Seibert
>>>> gerard at
>>> Boy that was fast, I just posted this message a moment ago...
>>> No I was just testing it using the mysqld_safe --user=mysql & approach.
>> Hi,
>> As you don't mention it explicitly, did you run "mysql_install_db 
>> --user=mysql" ?
> yes....well come to think of it I only ran mysql_install_db without 
> the --user part
> I believe. I'll redo it an see what happens.
> thanks
>> I know the first time I installed MySQL I neglected to do so.  As 
>> well, do you also
>> have a mysql user and a mysql group defined?
> yes, but I'm confused, why would the mysql user need a shell and login 
> password.
> No password means that any one could log into the system as the mysql 
> user
> but how would mysqld switch to the mysql user if it has a password.
> I did this on another machine running the same version of FreeBSD and 
> was successful.
> So far MySQL runs fine on it. I don't recall exactly what I did 
> differently.
> Would this have a bearing on the screen saver daemon? Or is that 
> another issue?
>> Best Regards,
>> Duane Whitty
>> -- 
>> duane at
MySQL user does not need and should not have a login shell.
the entry in the password and group file should be set-up
automatically for you when you install MySQL.

The method I used to install MySQL was to use the ports
system via portupgrade.  Then run mysql_install_db --user=mysql
This sets a lot of things up for you.

As I believe another poster has mentioned you will want to delete
everything under /var/db/mysql/

Also do a chown mysql:mysql /var/db/mysql

Read the chapters in the MySQL manual regarding post-install
tasks under UNIX and securing the initial MySQL accounts.

Hope this helps,

Duane Whitty
duane at

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