Writing to ntfs partitions?

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 19:28:30 UTC 2006

Daan Vreeken [PA4DAN] wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to help a friend recover her Wind0ws harddisk. I have a backup of 
> all files on a UFS2 partition and I have a new and freshly 
> partitioned/formatted harddisk with a number of NTFS partitions. "man 
> mount_ntfs" mentions write support for ntfs partitions with some limitations, 
> but I can't seem to write anything to any of the ntfs partitions :(
> I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Can't myself shed any light, and I see that others are answering your
question with ntfs info.

However, if all else fails, and depending on the size of the partitions
in question, you might be able to format one of them as fat32, copy the
files over, then boot into Windows and use the convert command to ntfs.

C:\Documents and Settings\User1>convert /?
Converts FAT volumes to NTFS.

CONVERT volume /FS:NTFS [/V]

  volume      Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
              mount point, or volume name.
  /FS:NTFS    Specifies that the volume to be converted to NTFS.
  /V          Specifies that Convert should be run in verbose mode.


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