FreeBSD 6.0 compat with DL320 G4

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Fri Apr 28 18:57:28 UTC 2006

Let me ask you this:

  Would you, right now, feel comfortable walking into your server room
yanking out one of the SATA drives?  Then shut down the server, install
drive back in, and initiate the rebuild?

  I have done just that to our production Compaqs with SCSI arrays on
the intelligent controller, of course I don't have to down the server to
the array since the controller does it automatically when you put the
back in.  It is one of the most effective sales tools we have, we've sold
several servers by doing this.

  I would also feel comfortable doing it to a server running the 3ware
raid card.

  I don't know I'd feel comfortable with doing this with raidctl but I
are going to end up testing this out since that's probably what we are
going to
have to end up doing with ours, at least until Soren reverse engineers
the Adaptec
metadata format for some future version of FreeBSD.

  But if I had known about this problem in advance I would never have
the server.


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>> RAID support on the DL320 G4 is broken.  HP uses Adaptec
>> firmware and Adaptec has not provided Soren programming info
>> on their metadata format, as he requested.
>we're using 6.1-RC1 on a DL320 G4 with raidctl, which perfectly
>fit's our needs. the metadata being written by the bios-fw of the
>onboard-controller (adaptec) is really not readable by the os, but
>this doesn't prevent us from having our os being installed on raid1.
>you only have to boot freebsd, go to the shell, use raidctl to create
>an ar0 using ad4 and ad6 and then install the os directly onto ar0.
>even booting is not an issue.
>[->thx 2 soren, he pointed us in the right direction upon this :-)]
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