Intel Macs, FreeBSD, and drivers

Gayn Winters gayn.winters at
Fri Apr 28 13:48:24 UTC 2006

The consensus of the group is that FreeBSD should run fine on an Intel
Mac.  I'm interested in the time lag between the availability of drivers
on an Intel Mac and on FreeBSD.

Question1:  If there is a driver for a device that works on an Intel Mac
(under OS X), will that driver work under FreeBSD?  For example, suppose
a very new Intel Mac has a new disk controller, is there some process by
which we can get its driver into FreeBSD?  E.g. via a download from
either Apple or the chip set vendor?

Question2:  Can we expect the volume of Intel Macs to improve (shorten)
the time delay between the existence of new hardware and the
availability of supporting drivers on FreeBSD?



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