scripting languages...

Arne Skjaerholt arnsholt at
Fri Apr 28 11:04:27 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 14:54 +0400, Igor Robul wrote:
> Except there is one big drawback for me (I'm not Perl-guru :-) ):
>  If there are some file names on command line of perl-script, then perl
>  redirects stdout to read from these files, which makes impossible to
>  read from real stdout. At least for me :-)
Not quite. If you use the special ``$line = <>;'' construct Perl will
indeed interpret the args on the command line as file names and read
from those. However if you explicitly say that you want to read from
STDIN like so: ``my $line = <STDIN>;'' you will not read from a file,
but from whatever your STDIN is connected to.


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