Domain Name

JP johnpollock at
Thu Apr 27 23:29:16 UTC 2006


Was going to attempt to set up a local mail server running freebsd 6.0 stable.
So far haven't set up the mail server yet, but was doing a little googling and 
reading the handbook, and ran the command host -t mx <domain.tld>

NOTE: inserted my domain in <domain.tld>

When running the command:
host -t mx <domain.tld>

It returns:

This certainly don't look appropiate.

A little background info:
The domain I own is through and have the dns servers pointing to to point to my static ip and domain.tld. My ISP is Bellsouth, 
and won't run a reverse DNS for my domain name so I use to point 
to my home address <static IP>.

Shouldn't the comand "host -t mx domain.tld" just return "domain.tld"??
If this isn't correct how can i correct?


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