Intel Macs and FreeBSD?

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Thu Apr 27 21:29:54 UTC 2006

On Apr 27, 2006, at 3:22 PM, Bill Moran wrote:
> I haven't tried Fink, but that's because a number of people warned me
> to avoid it.  That could have been bad info, though.
> darwin-ports didn't work for me at all.  I could get it to do nothing
> once installed.  The instructions seemed simple enough, but just
> didn't work.

I don't use either as my real servers are all based on FreeBSD but in  
the Mac OS X lists I hang out in lots of people use both and have no  
problems.  I don't know what your issues were with darwin-ports, so I  
cannot address them, but for the archive sake, wanted to say that  
lots of other people successfully use both.  It all depends on what  
sort of server you want to run as well.  A small home server doesn't  
need to build a ton of ports and for that OS X might be easier for  
most people.  The OP likes FreeBSD so that is why he was asking, and  
that is his prerogative.  No arguments there.

I must say I always run into issues with the FreeBSD ports system  
myself, probably mostly from my own ignorance, but I have problems  
where ports assume /usr/local for dependencies even when both the  
dependency and the new port  I am trying to install have a PREFIX set  
for them other than /usr/local, for example.


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