Getting DHCP to use resolv.conf?

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Thu Apr 27 12:06:22 UTC 2006

I read the man dhclient.conf(5) and paid special attention to the
part about
prepend domain-name-servers.

It does not say anything about passing the dns info dhcp client puts
into resolv.conf onto the dhcpd.conf "option domain-name-servers"

I don't think you understood the original question.
I may be wrong so please explain how dhcp client prepend
option effects the dhcpd config file?

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On 4/26/06, Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
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> > I would like to know how I can propagate the dns servers which
the dhcp
> > client puts in resolv.conf to dhcpd.  I only see how I can only
> > explicitly list a domain server with "option
domain-name-servers".  How
> > do I propogate non static dns servers?
> Write a script to updated the dhcpd.conf file when resolv.conf
> changes.  dhclient allows you to create hooks that automagically
> run a script of your choosing when a new lease is obtained.
> Or you could search the list archives for when this exact question
> was asked a few weeks ago.

look at dhclient.conf(5) and look at the part about
prepend domain-name-servers


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