xhost does not work as expected

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Apr 27 10:03:19 UTC 2006


> I am at 6.0 with xorg and I cannot remotely use a GUI backup
> software ( netvault) because I am not able to use properly the xhost
> command.

It is not clear what you can client and what you call server, are you
talking about your backup software: the server is the machine with the
tape drive and the clientis the machine where you sit and look at your
GUI; or about X: the server is the machine where you sit and look at
your GUI and the client is the machine running netvault and having the
tape drive.

That said:

- can you run xterm on the netvault machine (m1) and display the window on
the machine with 6.0 xorg (m2)?

You need:

- on netvault machine (m1) to setenv DISPLAY m2:0.0

- on 6.0 xorg machine (m2) xhost + m1

- are you sure that no firewall are blocking X connection between the 2



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