em64t cpu build

henk.thuis at planet.nl henk.thuis at planet.nl
Wed Apr 26 20:52:08 UTC 2006



Want to build a new kernel  for fbsd 5.4 on a system with a Celeron D cpu
with em64t support and

wondering if my config is correct in src/sys/amd64/conf/KERNEL:


machine            amd64

#cpu                 HAMMER

cpu                   I686_CPU

ident                 KERNEL


This cpu have also the xd bit, does this working for source amd64?


And floating point device npx is not available in amd64 GENERIC, is this
needed for Celeron D cpu's?


Are there more device/options to be aware of specific for a kernel
configuration with em64t cpu's that are not listed in 

the GENERIC of amd64?






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