Dell vs. Silicon Mechanics vs. FreeBSD Systems

Questions jakbeatz at
Wed Apr 26 14:33:53 UTC 2006

Anyone have any opinions about the quality and/or value of these
respective vendors?

I'm looking for something that has good AMD64 support, great RAID1
support and good Serial Console Redirection support, all obviously
reasonably priced.

I've had bad experiences in the past with onboard SATA and/or RAID
controllers from Silicon Mechanics but it looks now like their
Rackform nServ A206 uses an Adaptec SATA controller and an Adaptec
RAID controller (this will do RAID1, right?)

Anyone have any experience with FreeBSD Systems IPMI interface?

I don't claim to know much about IPMI, so forgive me if I ask
seemingly dumb questions: Is IPMI implemented entirely in userland or
are is there hardware required that FreeBSD Systems just happens to
include with their systems?

Is IPMI really any good at the end of the day, or are there other
solutions that are better/more relaibe (tm)?

How does Dell fit into all of this?  I haven't dealt with Dell in
years but when I have in the past, there didn't seem to be any major
issues.  I'm looking at a Power Edge 1850 with the Embedded RAID
(ROMB) - PERC4e/Si Controller.

Does Dell support Serial Console Redirection without their extra
lights out card?

Lastly (I think) with regards to AMD64 Support (more for the Silicon
Mechanics and FreeBSD Systems options), I had issues a couple of years
ago with AMD64 and OpenLDAP.  Something to do with Mutexes, and wound
up having to backpedal and go with a 32bit install on my 64bit system.

Are there any decently priced/stable options out there, other than the
three I've mentioned?

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